Understanding the Patterns of Crime Reports in a Popular Bangladeshi Newspaper

Md Mehedi Hassan, Asif M. Saleheen, Ashik Adnan, Naimul Hoque

Bangladesh, being a developing country with approximately 1252 people living per square kilometer and many people living under the poverty line, is understandably has a high crime rate. Corruption, political unrest, and misuse of law have also aided the increase of crime rate over the years. Despite this, Bangladeshi print media and paper journalism are well known for their liberal mentality and efficiency in reporting correct and truthful news. In this paper, we use crime reports of a popular newspaper to understand the patterns and frequencies of crimes in different regions of Bangladesh. Our analysis shows that this newspaper is biased towards reporting crimes from specific regions, while some areas are seriously neglected. Although region-based bias is found, no biases towards reporting crimes of any particular type are found in our study.